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The Art of Shagging #1

Anonymous reviews of sexual experiences from LGBT+ people across the community

I had been talking online for several weeks with a man I thought at the time was perfect for me. He was wonderfully hairy and beary, and had an interesting job in the non-profit sector campaigning for issues that were close to my own hat. He also like the tunes I like. It was perfect, and in my mind we were destined to be together!

After a couple of weeks of back and forth messages we finally arranged to meet at my place. He requested that I buy some drinks, and that he would arrive after dinner. Being an extremely broke student at the time I bought some cheap Lidl white wine and a bottle of lemonade, which I attempted to pass off as a spritzer. Not my finest hour! However after some time spent chatting and snuggling just a little it did seem like a connection was forming.

Things slowly turned, as they usually do, to sex. We got naked and I was suitably satisfied to see that his body was as big and hairy as I had been hoping for. After some time spent kissing in our underwear (which later resulted in a red raw face for me from his very prickly beard) we progressed onto a little masturbatory action. Unfortunately for me this would be as far as it went. Although I did also suck his dick for quite some time (and received many a compliment from him for it as well), he was unwilling to return the favour, leaving me wanting more.

In the end he came, and I did not. Noticing the time he decided he needed to go as we had been fooling around for at least two hours by this point. I got dressed and bade my farewells. After he left I had my first and only experience of blue balls, something which until then I had thought was a myth straight men created to be shitty to women! The pain of delaying cumming for so long was intense and not enjoyable at all.

I never saw him again after that. I pined for a week or so and moved on.

Final score: 4/10- a perfect man, but those who don’t return the favour of dick sucking aren’t worth the hassle

Wanna submit your own sex review? Send us the story (without any names/identifying info please!) to gag-club@hotmail.com


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