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Letter From The Editor #1

Hello, and welcome to this new blog from GAG

For me, over these last few months, GAG has been about taking what I had (which was often not very much)  and turning that into something which would celebrate LGBT+ people and culture in a way which we may not see elsewhere in Edinburgh. The politics of creating a space where our community could enjoy and express itself is something that I was always very conscious of, particularly as a chubby oddball homo who often felt like I didn’t quite fit in anywhere . It is with this in mind that I am now starting The GAG Mag, both online and in zine form. As with GAG itself I have no idea where this may go, or for how long it might go for, but my hope is once again to create a platform for LGBT+ people in Edinburgh to express themselves, share their opinions and talk honestly about their lives.

If you’re interested in going on this journey with me there are contact details on the left hand side of this blog. If you have anything that you want to get out there or get off your chest, no matter how trivial, I’d implore you to get in touch! Reflecting the reality of our lives and experiences is the most important thing for me with this new part of GAG, and I can only hope that both reading about this and contributing to it will be of interest to at least a few people.  With that said welcome to The GAG Mag blog- a space online which I hope will have a long life as a useful place for LGBT+ people to find writing which interest, excites and inspires them.

With love and many thanks,

Thomas Flower


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