Features, Hot/Not

Hot/Not #1

14079934_189829694770946_2720397206746879602_nHOT- Edinburgh’s DIY gay club scene: Between newbies like XOXO, Grrrl Crush (and us!), and old faves like Dive and Hey QT there’s plenty happening right now to keep the party going!



410433WARM- Protesting: Right now there’s plenty to be angry about, and there’s plenty of goings on to express that in. Get out and have a good shout Edinburgh!


smug-man-620x350MILD- Bad faith debaters: As much as screaming at some smug twat when you know you’re right can be fun, deep down we all know this is really just a waste of time

nicola-sturgeonCOLD- Just like the general state of politics: Keep chanting “Nicola will save us, and maybe it’ll somehow come true


e8abc72460165891d565b8799024dd39FROZEN- Existential dread: Easy to fall into right now, but hard to get out of. Best avoided when possible


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